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Frank Sullivan, Jr.

Frank Sullivan, Jr. has practiced law since 1977, and is admitted to practice in Oklahoma state courts, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Eastern, Northern, and Western Districts of Oklahoma Federal Court.

Frank Sullivan, III

Frank Sullivan, III has practiced law since 2002, and is admitted to practice in Oklahoma state courts, the Eastern District of Oklahoma Federal Court, the 10th Circuit, and the Cherokee Nation Tribal Court.

Areas of Law


Criminal Law – State and Federal

Being charged with a crime is potentially a life-altering event, and the way your case is handled could mean the difference in your freedom, your right to possess firearms, and your ability to secure a well-paying job in the future.  Whether it be a DUI, drug charges, embezzlement, or a violent offense, Frank Jr. and Frank III know what is necessary to achieve the best possible outcome for their clients.


General Civil Litigation – State and Federal

Contract disputes, unpaid accounts, and foreclosure are three of the more common types of issues encountered in the area of General Civil Litigation.  Frank Jr. and Frank III have a wealth of experience resolving client issues in these areas, whether by proactive counseling to avoid litigation, or aggresively litigating your case.


Personal Injury

Being hurt as a result of someone’s negligent or intentional act can often turn your life upside down.  Frank Jr. and Frank III have represented numerous clients who have suffered injury at the hands of others, whether it be a car accident, sexual harassment, someone damaging your property, or your own insurance company’s bad faith denial of a valid claim.


Business and Corporate Law

Starting, managing, and expanding your business are tasks that are fraught with peril if you fail to address issues such as limiting your liability, asset protection, and tax consequences.  Frank Jr. and Frank III have helped numerous business owners in the past, and can help you with any legal issues concerning your business.


Probate & Estate Planning

Dealing with the death of a loved one or the disposition of your estate in preparation for your passing are sensitive but necessary issues that everyone must address at some point in their lives.  Frank Jr. and Frank III have helped numerous clients with wills, trusts, and the legal process of transferring property upon one’s death, known as probate.

Office Location


The law offices of Sullivan & Sullivan are located at 105 N. Oak in Sallisaw, Oklahoma.  We are just a few steps from the Sequoyah County Courthouse.  Our office is on the West side of Oak St. facing East, across the street from Valley Land Title Company and just North of the intersection of Oak and Chickasaw Streets.

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